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  • DICOM conformance statement

    Has anyone seen or know if Mirth has an official DICOM conformance statement? I'm dealing with a situation where DICOM studies sent to Mirth are timing out, thus resulting in study cancellations by the sending PACS system. Interestingly, it seems the studies with larger numbers of images go through, but the smaller ones do not. The originating vendor is asking if the Mirth DICOM implementation supports a lossless transfer syntax. I did find a thread online during the original DICOM implementation talking about whether Mirth would have the ability to keep a DICOM association across multiple images, but I couldn't determine which implementation Mirth went with. Such a question would also be answered by a DICOM conformance statement.

    Any thoughts/help greatly appreciated!

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    We use the dcm4che2 library. Here is a link to their wiki:

    And here is a link to their support forum:

    We are using a modified version of 2.0.23


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      Thank you for the links, but I cannot find an official conformance statement. Some of our customer sites require some form of conformance statement. If you Google "conformance statement", you will find that GE and other such organization have it.

      In using dcm4che, does Mirth have something like a conformance statement.

      Much appreciated for your help.