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extract dicom tags into mysql db

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  • extract dicom tags into mysql db

    I have successfully extracted dicom tags by creating variables in the transformer, then have used those variables in the destination page using an insert statement. This works but is far from elegant because I have to define up front what those specific tags are (eg msg['tag280004'].toString() = photometric interpretation). Of course one does not always know up front which tags might be present so the better way (at least this neophyte programmer thinks) would be to loop through each tag in a dicom file then insert each one till they have all been parsed out. I can see Mirth has a message function in the reference tab called "iterate over segments" which, as far as I can tell, is only for HL7 messages. I have parsed the xml segments in the past with other languages (php) but it seems to me this is a good use for Mirth? Would anyone have thoughts on how to achieve this? Perhaps sample code (javascript)? I would be happy to share the channel once I get it working, if anyone might be interested.
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