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  • Archiving of messages for the day

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to Mirth and I have a requirement of archiving messages pertaining to a particular channel.

    I dont see a option to do so. Do we have to go through the route of searching for the messages and exporting manually? is there an automated way?


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    You could add a destination that is a database writer and insert them into a database. That would b the easiest solution.
    Tom Smith
    IT Director
    Triad Radiology Associates


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      As far as incoming files are concerned, we use the following strategy:

      - We check "Store message data" = YES, message pruning after 7 days; so we query the Mirth DB for recent questions.
      - Delete file after read = NO, so files are moved to the archive folder specified.
      - To keep order inside this folder, and as the folder cannot be specified dynamically, we found the following workaround:
      the "move-to filename" can contain an additional folder, which can be created dynamically, so we do:
      This creates us a daily folder for the messages, containing the files processed that day. Inside the folder, the (original) filenames are prepended with hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

      Of course, destinations are usually unvariable; as some of our interfaces move the files to an (unordered) archive folder, we process those with a specific cleanup-channel.

      Folders are destroyed after 30 days (for ADT), after 30 days or after billing (for DFT) whichever happens last, or after 3 months (for ORU).

      If you have other types of destinations like LLP), you might want to create an additional file destination to store the same data in files, grouped in dated folders. (Destinations accept dynamic _folder_ naming like similar to what i showed for archiving _filename_ .)
      JJ Mouris
      FFE Luxembourg


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        We do something very similiar, but thanks JJ for sharing you delay to deleting of files. I've wondered what ours should be, ands currently quite longer, but for no real reason.
        UConn School of Medicine.
        Dept of Family Medicine