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Mirth VM Install Issue

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  • Mirth VM Install Issue

    I'm trying to install Mirth on a VM, and it works fine. I start the server but then when I go to the webstart to download the administrator, I get the following error message:

    An error occurred while launching/running the application.

    Title: Mirth Connect Administrator
    Vendor: Mirth Corporation
    Category: Download Error

    Missing signed entry in resource: http://localhost:8082/client-lib/jaxb-impl.jar

    ...and the install of the administrator fails. Obviously I changed the install ports which is why it's 8082. Thanks for any help, Mireth

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    the solution

    If you are installing Mirth on a machine which has had older versions of Java, you have to make sure that not only do you HAVE the most recent version, but also that it is referenced, especially with regard to Java Web Start. Even having the newest Java version in my Path variable didn't work until I changed Java Web Starts reference.


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      In our beginnings (something like back to version 1.6 of mirth), we had similar trouble.
      The Java version required by Mirth not only had to be included in the PATH, but had to be the FIRST java version listed in the PATH !!
      JJ Mouris
      FFE Luxembourg