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  • Custom Destination Type

    I am wondering if it is easy to create your own custom destination type and add it to the server? I want to be able to use the filtering mechanisms to weed out chater and then when the appropriate message comes along have my own class be called with a reference to the incoming data so I can pull out what I need and make calls to existing service methods or perhaps create a jms message, etc.

    Is this type of extension possible? Is there any docs or samples to look at?


    Gray Jones

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    Re: Custom Destination Type

    This is possible, however we will need to work with you a bit to define the interfaces you need to make this happen.

    Can you create an issue in the tracker ( with your request?

    Chris Lang


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      Re: Custom Destination Type

      Actually what I want to accomplish is straightforward within mule itself. Here I was able to hack the hello world example that ships with mule and able to insert my own class to receive the message data. I could easily extend my class to acquire handles to the necessary spring services and parse out the data I need.

      As of now I am leaning towards letting mirth be responsible for receiving the hl7 incoming requests and writing the data to a file. But then I will use mule directly to read the files from the directory and process the data. This will actually keep our deployment process fairly clean

      <mule-descriptor name="test"
      <endpoint address="file:///c:/dev/test">
      <filter pattern="*.txt,*.xml"
      className="org.mule.providers.file.filters.Filenam eWildcardFilter"/>
      <router className="org.mule.routing.outbound.OutboundPassT hroughRouter">
      <endpoint address="file:///c:/dev/test2">
      <interceptor name="default"/>

      public Object onCall(UMOEventContext eventContext) throws UMOException {
      String message = eventContext.getMessageAsString();
      return null;


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        Re: Custom Destination Type

        This is excellent - thanks for posting your results!

        One thing to watch for is re-deployments in Mirth which will regenerate the mule-config.xml.

        Chris Lang