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Mirth with other JBoss applications

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  • Mirth with other JBoss applications

    Firstly, I'd like to say congratulations. I downloaded Mirth and started to play with it yesterday. I was able to get it running as configured right away. That was excellent. Great work!

    The situation I have is that I have another home grown JBoss application running on the same machine (Windows). I need to run both applications on the same machine. I can't right now because there are port conflicts, etc. I see that there is a mirth.war file. It would be very helpful if I could simply add the mirth.war file to the JBoss deploy directory and have both applications running within the same JBoss instance. Is this possible?

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    Re: Mirth with other JBoss applications

    We are working with the JBoss team on a few projects, however we aren't ready to announce specifics.

    Right now you can adjust the port settings by modifying the file and changing the admin and web-start ports.

    Let me know if this helps!

    Chris Lang


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      Re: Mirth with other JBoss applications

      Thanks Chris!

      I can't wait to hear about the work with JBoss.

      I did what you said and changed the http and https ports in the file. In addition I had to comment out the JMX agent section of the mule-boot.xml file. Apparently the JMX port was also a conflict.

      Thanks. I can run both now. I'll keep a look out for that JBoss news.


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        Re: Mirth with other JBoss applications

        Excellent, glad it worked!
        Chris Lang