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Workaround for acks that don't match message

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  • Workaround for acks that don't match message

    I'm looking for a way to programmatically (perhaps in the pre-processor) clear any acks that have been sent to my destination's connection, so they don't get matched to the message I'm about to send.

    I'm attempting to create a workaround for an issue I reported yesterday. If an ack is returned after the ack timeout period has expired, it will be matched to the next message queued (since there are multiple senders, the timed-out message is not necessarily the next message queued). The issue then compounds, as each subsequent message is matched to the ack of the message that preceded it, and eventually, there's the potential that a message won't actually be acked, but it will have been matched with an ack and thus regarded as delivered.

    I intend to use the postprocessor to examine the contents of the ack, and verify that it is indeed the correct one. If it is, then I can use a custom ack to reply to the sender. If it isn't, then I can allow the sender to timeout.

    However, this doesn't entirely solve the problem, as the acks may perpetually be incorrect. Thus - I need to erase any queued acks.