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    Is it possible to convert an RTF to a PDF in mirth. I have found the rtfToPlainText option to convert to plain text, however I would like to retain the RTF tables/formatting. Any suggestions?

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    I suggest checking out:

    It's not free or necessarily easy to use but it can do what you are looking for. I used it for a rtf to txt project and it does a good job. There is an evaluation version that inserts random punctuation marks into the text but you can use it for testing.

    To get this into Mirth it would be easiest to create your own custom jar that uses the rtf to xml library and call the jar from mirth.

    good luck.



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      I suggest to try it is easy and free


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        Agreed. I would use a javascript transformer to save the RTF (or call it directly if you already have it local to the mirth engine), run the app via command line, and then pick the new PDF file back up and send it via the destination. I do something very similar with encrypting pre-generated PDFs.

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