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  • X12 example

    Okay, I give up. How do you exercise the demons from X12 and parse it into a database?

    I have an 834 X12 message and the BEST that I've been able to do is to get the ENTIRE sections to be dumped into an SQL query.

    LOTS of repeating data and I'm not smart enough to even figure out where to begin.

    Any tips for a first timer? (Other than buy training. I HATE that answer! )

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    Nevermind (for now).

    I was going to post my config, but it seems that the latest java runtime makes my Mirth crap itself upon launch.

    I love debugging something so I can start the process of debugging something else!



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      I have commented on x12 parsing several times on the forum:

      - get copy of 834 specs
      - Use javascript to loop over the incoming message and grab the data that you need.
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        I don't want to overextend or be spoonfed here, but, is there anyway you could give an example of how to write the javascript loop?

        Using your info you've posted (thank you BTW) I've successfully pulled out the information I need, but it comes in one lump sum of data... no breaks.

        Again, I hate to be a pest. Sorry if I am.


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          Alright, I'm ready to break down and offer $ for this X12 example.

          Any takers?


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            Originally posted by 02solutions View Post
            Alright, I'm ready to break down and offer $ for this X12 example.

            Any takers?
            In that case, might I suggest Mirth engineering hours or support? Then maybe you can talk directly to dans.
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