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Email Sender - multiple TO addresses throws error

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  • Email Sender - multiple TO addresses throws error


    Using the EmailSender connector to send emails.. To address field is extracted from XML of incoming message.

    <Email To="[email protected] ; [email protected]d" ..... />

    It is not liking the semicolons. I have tried adjusting the white space around them and even using , instead. But still unable to send to multiple addresses.

    Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? Thanks. (the To address field in the connector UI is just one text field. So if the ; is correct, it is not currently possible, or ; is not the right way of doing it.)

    ERROR-402: SMTP connector error
    ERROR MESSAGE: Error sending email
    org.mule.umo.transformer.TransformerException: Illegal semicolon, not in group (javax.mail.internet.AddressException)
    at essageObjectToEmailMessage.transform(MessageObject
    at org.mule.transformers.AbstractEventAwareTransforme r.doTransform( 8)
    at org.mule.transformers.AbstractTransformer.transfor m(
    at patcher.doDispatch(
    at patcher.doSend(
    at org.mule.providers.AbstractMessageDispatcher.send(
    at org.mule.impl.MuleSession.sendEvent(MuleSession.ja va:191)
    at org.mule.impl.MuleSession.sendEvent(MuleSession.ja va:130)
    at org.mule.routing.outbound.AbstractOutboundRouter.s end(
    at org.mule.routing.outbound.FilteringMulticastingRou ter.route(
    at org.mule.routing.outbound.OutboundMessageRouter$1. doInTransaction(
    at org.mule.transaction.TransactionTemplate.execute(T
    at ute(
    at .java:290)
    at eadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(ThreadPoolExecutor. java:650)
    at eadPoolExecutor$ :675)
    at Source)
    Caused by: javax.mail.internet.AddressException: Illegal semicolon, not in group in string ``[email protected] ; [email protected]d'' at position 24
    at javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.parse(Internet
    at javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.parse(Internet
    at ngToInternetAddresses(
    at essageObjectToEmailMessage.transform(MessageObject
    ... 17 more
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    When I need to set multiple recipients, I set the entries with commas.


    JJ mouris
    JJ Mouris
    FFE Luxembourg


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      I just use commas to separate the addresses on the To-list, and they always work.
      The commas get translated into semi-colons on the email however.



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        hmm i'm pretty sure i tried that and it didnt work.. but maybe not, I will try again and report back. :fingers crossed:

        thanks guys


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          Hey John - did it work?


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            Commas work for me as well
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              commas appear to be working

              [email protected] , [email protected]

              works.. not sure what's so bad about semicolons, as that's what is normally used


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                Just to provide some rationale for why it is that way: we use the JavaMail API for the the Email Sender, and the InternetAddress class that is used parses addresses based on comma:

                Gerald Bortis | Chief Information Officer | Mirth Corporation