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Reading Hl7 and output to file

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  • Reading Hl7 and output to file

    I have just installed the latest version of Mirth and am setting it up to read in an HL7 format and output a file. How do I setup the output to be an ascii flat file with a delimiter between fields? Our system read this file in and populates a btrieve DB. This DB is not a sql.



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    Re: Reading Hl7 and output to file

    This is a link to an LLP listener to file writer from the File Repositiory:

    Also I know Mirth can be expanded with more JDBC drivers to work with many databases. I do not know if those DBs have to be SQL based or not. So if btreive has a JDBC driver you might be able to add that and use it instead of going through a file.
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