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Mapping values to DICOM template

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  • Mapping values to DICOM template

    my goal is to get patient registration info to our Siemens Emotion 16 CT system.
    I made one database reader to get patient registration info from our system and now i'm trying to transform it to DICOM format and send it to Siemens.

    The thing that i'm stuck with: i have not been able to create transformer to map values read from database to go to that dicom template. I tried drag and drop method. The result to this is that those fields that are mapped just disappear from the outgoing file and the file arrives to Siemens without them.

    Does anybody that knows more abouth mirth than me maybe know the solution to my problem?

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    Well i have here mirth

    Im trying to transform incoming data to dicom format in the source connector.
    before i map my outgoing dicom template value to my incoming xml value the dicom tag looks like this: <tag00100040 len="2" tag="00100040" vr="CS">M</tag00100040>

    in the outgoing message that has been already sent without any errors. it changes the value correctly but loses tag attributes from inside the tag.
    so it'll look like this:<tag00100040>F</tag00100040>

    now the destination connector seeing this loses that too because this is not dicom format tag.

    if somebody have an idea how i might be able to map those variables together without loseing those tag attributes. It would really help alot.

    Many thanks


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      I think you have to use something like setChildren to preserve the attributes:
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        Thank you for your response and really big thanks, this just solved my problem