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  • beginner question

    can anyone help me here im trying to create an outbound channel. source is database and destination is file writer. my problem is how can i create the HL7 message from the template using the values i got in the database? do i need to create a transformer? and how would i do it? sorry im just new to this.

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    Re: beginner question

    Check out the File Repository. There is an Outbound Channel example that should help get you started. Save the XML file. When you launch Mirth Administrator, import the channel. It should get you started. You will need to create a transformer to map the fields, but you can do it by drag and drop to start.
    Good Luck!


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      Re: beginner question

      ok thanks i got it, so i just need to use ${message.encodedData} to output the entire message. but is it possible to display a specific field on the template?


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        Re: beginner question

        1. Go to the destinations tab
        2. In the list on the left, click Edit Transformer
        3. Click Add New Step
        4. In the bottom right, select the HL7 Message Template tab
        5. Verify you have an example of your HL7 message pasted there. If not, paste in an example message.
        6. In the bottom right, select the HL7 Tree tab
        7. Expand the tree to the message segment you want to populate.
        8. Click and drag the message segment to the HL7 Message Segment box on the bottom left. If you are on 1.2, it should look like this: tmp['PV1']['PV1.2']
        9. In the bottom right, select the Variables tab
        10. The bottom frame will list all of the fields you selected from your database. (If you don?t have the correct field here, go back to Channels, Source tab and add the field to your SELECT statement in the SQL statement box.
        11. Drag the field name to the Mapping box. It should look like this: msg['fieldname']
        ***NOTE: I have had problems where this doesn?t drag and drop properly and it looks like this msg['']. If it happens, try again. Also, I had issues with using capital letters, so I made mine all lower case.

        That should be it for a very basic mapping step. The ${message.encodedData} will then create the message with the mappings you created.


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          Re: beginner question


          Have you been able to get the outbound channel to work?

          Are you using Mirth 1.1 or 1.2?