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Debugging LLP connections

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  • Debugging LLP connections


    We're onto part 2 of our deployment saga, (viz "Site deployment with other HL7 engines"). After convincing the sysadmin to switch the HL7Connect program to "client" mode and connect to our Mirth inbound LLP listener channel, we're getting a new problem.

    So we wanted to ask the Mirth community for suggestions.

    The problem is that the connection is constantly being disconnected. HL7Connect is instructed to keep establishing a connection every 5 seconds (if it disconnects). Every time it connects, it is disconnected again.

    - Windows 2003 server running Mirth 1.3.2 (and 1.4.0)
    - Keep connection open is set to 'yes' in our Mirth channel
    - Telnet from remote machine to Mirth channel IP & port is successful, so no firewall issues.
    - HL7Connect simply reports an error that says 'disconnected' after connection.
    - We managed to get 2 messages (out of many), at one stage but very unreliable. We haven't got anymore since.
    - Mirth system events do not show any abnormalities
    - Mirth logs doesn't show info about someone connecting or disconnecting.

    So the question is, do anyone have any tips or tricks to share when debugging a connection between Mirth and other products?
    or the direct answer would be nice too

    Is there a way to turn on verbose system logging in Mirth because we can't tell when a connection request is sent or a disconnect has occured.

    Thanks in advance.


    -- Alan

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    Re: Debugging LLP connections

    You can change the log level in - it is currently set to "ERROR", you can change it to "DEBUG" or "INFO". You must restart the Mirth server after changing this.

    As far as your issue, make sure you set the LLP Timeout to a VERY large value if you want the connection to stay open. (I.e. > 5,000,000) Mirth will disconnect any connections that are idle for a period greater than the specified timeout. I believe it is set to 5000ms or 5 seconds by default...

    Chris Lang


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      Re: Debugging LLP connections

      Thanks for the tip.

      Increasing the timeout to 5,000,000ms did the trick.
      We are now receiving messages from HL7Connect.

      Knowing those log configurations are actually helpful too.

      Is there a place on this web where you can register other known applications/hl7 engines that Mirth can talk to?

      If so, you can HL7Connect by Krestal the tick.

      Thanks heaps.

      -- Alan


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        Re: Debugging LLP connections

        Glad it worked! Good idea about a repository of tested engines with Mirth, we'll look into creating that on the site.
        Chris Lang