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HL7 Segment Separators

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  • HL7 Segment Separators

    Wel have a client that sends us data that has segment separators in it. Example below. In this example they are using \015 as their segment separator. Does anyone happen to know how I can pull this into Mirth as it is and get Mirth to understand it? This is test data... You may have to copy it out to see it good. For some reason each data chunck is 75 chars long and they have \015(Which is hex for carriage return) before each new segment.


    MSH|^~\&|Encore Clinical|HomeHealth|REMOTE|REMOTE|20061127105149|| ADT^A01|H
    omeHealth000000001820061127105149|P|2.4|||AL|||\01 5EVN|A01|20061127105150.2
    500|\015PID|1|67001415^^^HOSP^EK|6677^^^HOSP^MR||T esttwo^Sam^D||19551212000
    000.0000|M||AA|45 Kane St^^JOHN HANCOCK P O BOX^MA^2216||(235)252-5552|||||
    |9001^Quarles^Kambe Leon^|9001^Quarles^Kambe Leon^|9000^Hermenze^Vickie^|||
    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||20061127000000.000 0||||||6677^^^HOSP^EP|\01
    5DG1|1|ICD9|E8344|W/CRAFT FALL NEC-SKIER|20061107000000.0000|\015IN1|1|||Me
    dicare Hospice|123 Pansey LAne^^Holldaysburg^PA^16648|^^|||Med H|||20061103
    |\015ZOR|1|100297|Allanfil LIQD|20061103|3 grams 4 EX||\015

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    Re: HL7 Segment Separators

    With the 1.2.0 version you can use a pre-processing script. This is located at the Summary tab in the channel definition.

    Perhaps, you could code in JS to replace the "\015" string for the the '\r' char.


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      Re: HL7 Segment Separators

      Yes, you can use a Javascript regular expression (see here: to format the message variable in the preprocessor.

      Chris Lang


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        Re: HL7 Segment Separators

        Thanks for you help on this topic.