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  • End applications availability

    Hi everybody¡¡

    I'm sure there must be a lot of people who have found the same handicap than me. I have a channel with an LLP Sender. The communication works fine when the end Aplicattion is available: The Hl7 is created from de database and is sent to the end application via LLP sender, after that I can see 1 message received and 1 message sent.

    However, If the end application is not available, occurs exactly the same. No error is report and the message is marked as sent.

    Can we handle this situation?
    How can we send theese messages again??


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    Re: End applications availability

    This issue was solved in previous versions. For this problem LLP queues were develped. Unfortunatley there is a problem with 1.4.0 and queued messages never updates it status to "SENT".

    If you need this functionality, you could use Mirth 1.3.2 until the problem gets solved.


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      Re: End applications availability

      Thanks alberto,

      I've just realize the messages are queued and after restarting the end application the message are sent.
      But when its are queued its don't appear with QUEUED status, its appear with SENT status. Then I reebot the end applications and the messages are sent keeping SENT status.

      I'm testing Mirth 1.3.2.


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        Re: End applications availability

        There is a bug in the 1.4.0 release - it has been fixed in 1.4.1 and a small patch will be released today to fix this before the official 1.4.1 release.

        Chris Lang


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          Re: End applications availability

          Thanks chrisl¡¡¡