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  • suggested startup for n00b

    I have developed a database application for my hospital using php/mysql/apache (intranet based)
    More more people are liking the system - but now there's a need for this system to start 'talking' HL7.
    problem is I know very little about HL7 messaging - but am willing to learn...

    can someone suggest a basic starting pathway for me using Mirth and Mirth-derived technology?

    Thanks a lot!


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    Re: suggested startup for n00b

    I think when you talk about HL7 you refer to HL7 2.x

    Don't panic. It's very easy. In a few hours you'll begin to start talking of segments, fields an PID.

    You can get the 2.6 (it's the balloting version, you have to pay to get the official one)


    For mirth, review the quick start guide


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      Re: suggested startup for n00b

      Also look for Mirth 1.3 - we now include the HL7 v2.x vocabulary. You can paste in sample messages and it will show you all of the different field and segment names. It helps greatly when trying to learn.

      Chris Lang


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        Re: suggested startup for n00b

        Mirth itself should be fairly straightforward to setup and get running. Check the Wiki for tutorials and guides. Also watch this:

        It shows you how to get up in running in less than 10 minutes with a real working channel.
        Chris Lang