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Dicom Send Problems - Compressed Images

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  • Dicom Send Problems - Compressed Images

    Hi all

    I have tested a sample Dicom routing channel to an external PACS. I have had many problems due any image was sent will not arrive to destination.

    Event tested with JDicom Image Server comms appeared but no images was saved.

    Some hours later I could find out images were compressed so destination could not able to process and skipped at Dicom Comm.
    Tested again over JDicom Server with ExplicitVRLittleEndian, thats worked, so problems were from Transfer Syntax.

    The problem is that external PACS is not able to accept ExplicitVRLittleEndian in Dicom C-Storage SCP, so I need to force Mirth to uncompress images and send them in ImplicitVRLittleEndian.

    Anyone could help me to setup mirth in this way?

    thanks in advance.


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    I just started working on a DICOM router project.

    So far i am recieving with dicom reciever from external PACs and sending to file.

    I have been unable to open the messages once recieved looks like Java heap size problems.

    At any rate i will be sending back to external PAC's and will post progress here.


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      Hi jealand

      Try to increase Java Memory Heap in mirth\conf\wrapper.conf file.

      # Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)

      # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)