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Handling A17 message

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  • Handling A17 message

    Currently we have only one channel configured for ADT messages and it is transforming the incoming HL7 to xml based on the template defined.

    We are trying to add support for A17 (Bed swap) message. This required different trnasformation since this message hold 2 patient information.

    I would like to know how to achive this using a single channel. If we create more channel then how the cleint will send this message alone to different port.


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    You want one channel with multiple destinations. While viewing the destinations tab, click "add destination". Set up a filter on each destination to accept/ignore the messages you need to handle (main destination will ignore A17, secondary will accept A17). Set up transformers on each destination to do what you need to do to build your messages.
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      Forgive me, but I want to understand a business case where an A17 is useful. Forget about the message for the time being, but why on earth will the hospital management would like to have 2 patients switch their beds or 2 patients willingly want to switch beds? Even if the beds are in 2 different rooms, it still doesn't count.

      No matter how I look at it, an A17 doesn't make sense, rather 2 consecutive transfer requests A02s is more plausible.

      Even so, if we consider that an A17 is just a medium to inform the HIS application to swap the patients on these 2 beds, how can one implement it?
      The only solution I can think of is with involving another bed, which is an equivalent of swapping 2 numbers using a third number.
      Or move both beds to a logical state of unoccupied state and then assign them one by one, but that would make it untraceable.
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        The patients aren't changes beds physically. They were entered into the system incorrectly. You want the system to be correct so that medication is distributed correctly.


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          hmm.. that's a valid case.
          But consider this..two patients A and B ..both are admotted in same ward/ room for a while. Every IPD process has started to take place. Now the staff realizes they made a mistake and want to initiate a swap in the HIS. The EMR is different.

          How shall one convey that this is a case for swap? and that all the IPD services shall resume on the newly assigned beds. That includes the documentation on the discharge summaries. what will appear on them?
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            Edit- sorry i misread. You are saying that patients still physically remain on the incorrect beds? even after initiatiating a swap?
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              Patient A is in Bed 1 but the EMR has him in Bed2
              Patient B is in Bed 2 but the EMR has him in Bed1.

              An A17 will correct the EMR.