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    I posted this in the old forum last week and nobody responded, maybe I'll have better success in this shiny new one.

    I am creating a simple outbound datareader to HL7 ADT_A04 channel. My outbound sample HL7 happens to contain data. I mapped my fields no problem and deployed the channel. Problem is when the transform takes place the transformed message contains my raw data merged with my sample data. What do I need to do to stop this from happening? Do I need to use an empty sample HL7 message? My second issue is the "Template:" field for a destination. I can't find any documentation whatsoever on this field. The "Test Outbound" channel example in the file repository contains "R7: ${HL7 ER7} XML: ${HL7 XML}" in that field. What does this mean. To have my end result be serialized HL7 should I be using "Encoded Data". Where is the documentation for this field? How do I use it?

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    Re:Channel Questions

    1. Your template HL7 should be blank. Any values not explicitly replaced will be merged.
    2. The template field defines what is sent to the destination. You can use Velocity expressions. We will post a guide soon. In general, you will use ${message.encodedData}

    Chris Lang