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Web Service SOAP Sender and certificates

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  • Web Service SOAP Sender and certificates

    Has anyone had experience in installing a client certificate for use in calling a secure ssl or tls web service with Mirth? My intention is to use the built in SOAP Sender to call a remote secure web service which requires a client certificate.

    I understand that you first need to install that client certificate into the Java runtime. There is some suggestion on previous threads that the certificate belongs in the Jetty certificate store instead.

    Can anyone provide any help or direction on having a SOAP Sender include a certificate when calling a web service?

    My platform:
    Windows 2003
    Mirth 1.8
    Java jre1.5.0_09

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    Did you solve it?


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      lmgarcia73, posting in threads that are several years old won't get you much help. Just post the full details of the problem you're having in a thread of your own, and people will be able to help you much more easily.