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Oubound HL7 from an XML File

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  • Oubound HL7 from an XML File

    Hello Chris:

    I following this thread becuase I am trying to accomplish the same. Actually rfeague and I work together. I followed your instructions but the out put file is exactly what the templates has with no changes to it. When I look in the channel messages it reads the XML but when it tries to write the mapping definition I created (PID:5, First Name and Last Name) it states "undifined". I have tried to put the variable definitions you sent to rfeaugue on variuos places even in the preproc but it sends back the same output.

    Do you have a sample chanell and transformer that does this? Maybe I am putting definitions in the wrong place. One thing I noticed is that when I create an outbound channel it does not set the steps as I created as variables to the Destination Mappings list. Is this by design?

    I appreciate your help. I am new to Mirth so I am trying to get the mechanics of it correct.

    Charlie Olmeda

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    Re: Oubound HL7 from an XML File

    Please, put your channel. Perhaps we can find the issue.


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      Re: Oubound HL7 from an XML File

      Alberto, thanks for your response. We were able to figure it out and process the XML file conversion to HL7.

      I have one other question and that is how or where in Mirth do I define or create user defined segments (Z segments). I created an HL7 template with user define segments, but when I paste it in the transformer it does not recognize them.

      Thanks for your help.