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process / thread priority problem ?

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  • process / thread priority problem ?

    I defined a channel who do an SQL order all the 5 sec.
    This channel is started when Mirth server starts.
    I cannot connect to the Mirth client interface cause my channel take all the ressource of the server and my client is not refresh :

    Result : I cannot desactivate my channel and my mirth client is freezed

    Can I do something ?

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    Re: process / thread priority problem ?

    Export your channel and post the XML here.

    When Mirth first runs the SQL query how many rows does it get back? It sounds like it might be getting a lot of data and hanging while it processes all of it. Try adding a 'LIMIT' (MySQL) or 'TOP' (MS SQL) to the SQL statement.


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      Re: process / thread priority problem ?

      If you can't load the client at all to export the channel, you can modify Mule-Config.xml (in your conf folder). Here you can set the initial state for your channel to "stopped" and also change the polling frequency. Make sure to make the changes with the Mirth server shutdown.

      Mirth generally can handle very aggressive polling frequencies - we test here with 500-1000ms frequencies against MS SQL and MySQL databases. Like Jon said, it is most likely your statement that is returning many rows and hanging the processing.

      Chris Lang


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        Re: process / thread priority problem ?

        hello all, thanks for your responses :

        "Export your channel and post the XML here." : I cant export my channel cause the client doesnt launch, is it another way to export channels ?

        "you can modify Mule-Config.xml (in your conf folder).", ok nice (too bad I have reinstall mirth :/).

        In fact my sql order return one specific patient with 20 tests orders (20 sql row in fact) with a polling of 5000 ms, the destination does 20 files and the client doesnt launch.

        I try to disconnect my computer from the network in order to make the sql connection fail and to stop generate the files in order to have my channel taking less server time but it doesnt give best results (the client doesnt lauch)

        The polling was only 5000 ms, not really fast.

        But the solution to change the config before launch the server is the solution to this sort of problem i think.

        Thanks Chris and jbartels