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Can't Run Mirth Administrator

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  • Can't Run Mirth Administrator

    I am running Windows XP, with Java Runtime Environment SE 6 and Mirth 1.3.2. I have run Mirth.bat and it appears to run OK. I go to localhost:8080 and I see the 'Launch Mirth Administrator' page in my browser (Internet Explorer 7.0). However, when I click on the button to launch Mirth Administrator I get an error message on a pop-up window. It doesn't stay up very long so I can't read everything on it. If I click on the 'Details' button quickly enough I can see an error message that states:

    "No JRE version found in launch file for this system."

    I'm not very familiar with Java. Anyone have any ideas on where to go from here?

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    Re: Can't Run Mirth Administrator

    Put your Java path into your system path.
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      Re: Can't Run Mirth Administrator

      Try the next command line:

      javaws http://localhost:8080/webstart