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Why "0A" to "0D" ???

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  • Why "0A" to "0D" ???

    I have a raw message file where each segment ends in "0A" This file is currently transmitted using an old custom c++ tcp program. When the file arrives, it still has "0A" at the end of each line/segment.

    To move this process into the 21st century, I began trying to send the file using Mirth. When Mirth sends the file, the other side shows the "0A" has now magically become "0D". Of course the legacy system on the other side completely blows up.

    How can one prevent Mirth from changing the "0A" to a "0D"?


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    Re:Why "0A" to "0D" ???

    Because the LLP sender of Mirth sends HL7, and HL7 messages uses <cr> char to end segments.

    Perhaps you could get better results using the TCP sender (without an outbound template)


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      Re:Why "0A" to "0D" ???

      In your HL7 properties, you could also try unchecking "Convert LF to CR". As alberto said, however, using HL7 and LLP does expect those carriage returns, not line feeds.

      Remember, when unchecking "Convert LF to CR" you will need to uncheck it in at least four locations. Edit the source transformer's inbound and outbound HL7 properties, and also edit each destination transformer's inbound and outbound properties to make sure it is unchecked in all four.
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        Re:Why "0A" to "0D" ???

        Thanks for the replies.

        Unchecking ALL of the LF to CR seems to have resolved the issue.