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  • newbie with a question


    I'm new to HL7, but I have a radiology imaging center that is sending me radiology reports (HL7 ORU messages) but of course I have nothing to read them with.

    Is there a way to receive the message and have it saved as a human readable PDF or any other type of document?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re:newbie with a question

    Hi jasonslan,

    You just have to configure this (using Mirth 1.8.0 ...) :
    - Summary tab : Incoming data HL7 v2.* of course
    - Source tab : configure an LLP Listener IP/Port etc (or a file reader if you want for example reading *.hl7 files ...)
    - Destination 1 :
    * Connector type : File Writer
    * Method : file (for local filesystem)
    * File Name : for example the current date : ${DATE}
    * Append to file : Yes if you wanted to create daily logs
    * Template : ${message.rawData} (to keep and store the original message content)

    Deploy all !
    Send a message to your channel to test it ...

    And voilĂ  ! :woohoo:
    (comme vous dites chez vous en anglais lol i'm french)
    Bye !

    Best regards


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      Re:newbie with a question

      I've already figured that much out.. :-) what I'm looking for is that resulting file to be something easy to read (for like say a billing clerk)
      is there a way to convert that file on the fly to something that can be read (Naturally) by a human?




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        Re:newbie with a question

        Check-out these forum posts. They may be "old", but might help with creating PDFs on-the-fly.

        can I do hl7 to pdf?

        Carriage return PDF and Text doc formatting

        Hope it helps!

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