Mirth Connect 3.12.0 Released!

Mirth Connect 3.12.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page. This release includes database performance improvements, improves visual HL7 representation, message pruning, keystore handling, PDF generation, community contributions, and fixes several security vulnerabilities. This release also contains many improvements to commercial extensions. See the release notes for the list of fixes and updates.

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For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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Flat File to HL7

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  • Flat File to HL7

    Hello All,

    I'm very new to MIRTH and I'm trying to understand how the product works. How can you read from a pipe/or comma delimited Flat File to map to other formats such as HL7? For instance if a customer is sending data in this format:


    How would I create an HL7 from this to have a PID segment containing that information?

    Also is there a way to do an HL7 to HL7 translation using MIRTH?

    I haven't been successful in finding documentation for either one of these situations.

    Thank you.

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    Re:Flat File to HL7

    Hi aht75

    What version of Mirth are you using ?

    In the 1.8 version of Mirth you got the ability to do some thing like this.
    Look at the summary of your channel and see the "Incoming Data" parameter ; you can choose the option "Delimited text".

    Hope this could help you

    Best Regards


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      Re:Flat File to HL7

      Thank you this does help. I do have a question though. If I'm mapping FF to HL7 2.x version, and I have to write the HL7 output into a batch file, how would I do that? I tried the File Write, and it keeps asking me for a template, but I'm not sure what to put there to tell it to write the information into a file as it was mapped from source to destination on the inbound transformer.

      Also is there way to say batch messages, lets say every 30 mins or so?



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        Re:Flat File to HL7

        You need to configure in the file writter what must be written in the file. This is the "template" mirth is asking you.

        Tow fill the template box you can use any of the vars showed in the right pannel: just drug-d-drop and experiment


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          Re:Flat File to HL7

          I don't think this is the answer I'm looking for. What if they're multiple OBX's? How do you create a template for that?

          I'm thinking there has to be an easier way to get HL7 in, and write HL7 out to a .txt file in batches once it goes through the transformation/mapping in the channel transformer.


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            Re:Flat File to HL7

            In my case ... i often use the transformer to construct my HL7 messages ...
            You can create multiple OBX segments ... no problem for that :
            Search the forum for posts like that :

            THE key is : how to construct/initiate your tmp (this is your output message) from nothing or from predefined template template ... all that in javascript. With that way you can do all you want.

            I'll search/give some example for you ... but not now ... there's an emergency call for me ... see you soon !

            Best regards

            PS : lol i don't know if i'm really clear