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LLP/ACK problem

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  • LLP/ACK problem

    I have been testing a channel to send hl7 from a file reader to LLP sender WITH A FILTER to filter out any keyword with "ST01" to send to our cloverleaf engine here. (2 seperate box)
    Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
    And I also check strict parser check box(uncheck will not work with ACK) . We have to test with receiving ACK.
    I set the ACK time out (ms) to 999999 and hoping I can get longer time connection.
    And the persistent queue set to Yes.

    Then I keep getting these errors:

    1. sometimes this error: [2008-10-20 15:14:00,891] WARN (com.webreach.mirth.connectors.mllp.MllpMessageDis patcher:199): Can't connect to the endopint,waiting10.0seconds for reconnecting
    ( Connection refused: connect)

    2. sometimes this error: ERROR-408: MLLP Connector error
    ERROR MESSAGE: Unable to send message. Too many retries Connection refused: connect

    Then I found you have this ACK connection problem fixed on 1.7 ?

    which I am still getting the ACK time out problem?

    Please let me know how I can get the ACK to work on LLP connection.


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    Re:LLP/ACK problem

    here is the channel I created
    FILE_TO_CLOVERLEAF-8648fb1ee58b2cd77dd85c54172b995a.xml (15370 bytes)


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      Re:LLP/ACK problem

      Now I have removed "filter" just to test a local txt file to LLP sender.
      I set Keep connection open: Yes
      Use Persistent Queues: Yes
      ACK Timeout: 99999
      Process Hl7ACK : Yes
      Send response to another channel called "ACK_receiver".
      The strick parse check box are all unchecked.

      Still getting error after deploy:
      ERROR-408: MLLP Connector error
      ERROR MESSAGE: Socket write exception

      Can someone please tell me what's persistent queues yes/no for?
      Does anyone has same problem when use file writer to LLP sender?

      Any help is appreciated.



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        Re:LLP/ACK problem

        Persisten queues create a FIFO queue in the filesystem for outgoing messages this ( No maintenance is needed if the receiver app goes down and Secuence order is ensured ).

        The errors you're talking about seems to be related to your receiving app (cloverleaf) and its specific socket management.

        I think the ACK timeout has nothing to do, but perhaps you could get better results by changing the "Keep Connection Open" parameter.


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          Re:LLP/ACK problem

          Thank you for the information.
          The channel I have been running keeps erroring out. so I deleted this channel then create a new channel with file reader to TCP sender with same setting described above and set same ip and port#. I am able to send only 1 hl7 message from the message I pasted in the destination-> filter-> message templates. All the messages from file reader queued up in there.

          Then I changed the channel with file reader to LLP sender with same setting and try to deploy it about 10 times.
          I am able to send hl7 messages from file writer to LLP sender.


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            Re:LLP/ACK problem

            Back to my original problem. Now I delete this channel and re-create the channel with the same setting (file reader to LLP sender). It will NOT send any hl7 message again.
            I figured that I cannot cleanup the mirth derby database, so I delete all channels and uninstall mirth. Then install mirth back.

            Now I am able to send hl7 files from file reader through LLP sender with a filter apply on it.

            My question for you is:
            Will mirth provide a cleanup tool to cleanup the mirth database to eliminate the errors? or we have to uninstall it reinstall it every time we got error for a channel?


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              Re:LLP/ACK problem

              It sounds like you have a large queue building up. These can be deleted from the file system .mule directory in Mirth. This has also been improved in 1.8, so if you remove queued messages from the message browser, it will remove them from the queue. When you uninstall, your large queue is likely being deleted.
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                Re:LLP/ACK problem

                Yes, I did see the number of records increasing in the queued messae in the dashboard and I kept reset the channel.
                if I see the problem again, I will cleanup the queued message.
                Sure, I will test mirth 1.8 when I get chance.
                Thank you for the help.