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incoming data protocol changing over an existing c

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  • incoming data protocol changing over an existing c

    hello to everyone,

    I have inherited a mirth project which I have to mantain.

    the project is a normal one, some channels, with a few transformers each one. receiving and sending messages from one place to another. the incoming data protocol of all of the channels is XML.

    few days ago I was told to change all the channels to expect HL7 messages instead of XML ones.

    I thought the only thing I had to do, was to change in the channel summary tab, the incoming data combo, problems appeared though. mirth did not work, plenty of errors in the dashboard, and empty mappings

    I thought the problems was that in all the transformer, there are message templates written in XML, so I decided to delete them. that was not the solution, as it was impossible to choose another protocol in the combo from the message template tab in the transformer. diving the forum and experimenting with the xml channel export I come across the <outboundProtocol> protocol tag.

    after that I have tried everything, changing the tags, removing the message template tags ... but I have achieved nothing. finally I managed mirth to accept the message, but all the mappings were set to nothing.

    I would need some instructions to change the incoming data protocol of an existing channel without rewriting it.

    any ideas ? thank you very much in advance !