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Sending empty template-message with every DB-polli

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  • Sending empty template-message with every DB-polli

    Hello all,

    I have a channel that polls the DB to check if there is data to be send. If there is such data it collects all the data which is markt as "should be sent" via a second SELECT in the JS and sends it trough an LLP-Sender to a second channel that after getting an ACK, marks the sended data in the DB as "sent". The Problem is that sometimes in the DB some data is marked as "should be sent" but because of relational inconsistence the second SELECT fails. In this case Mirth sees there is data to be sent but since it gets no more data, it sends
    my empty template-message from the Source-Transformer everytime it polls.

    The desired behavior: Usualy in this case Mirth should mark this particilar Data in the DB as "should NOT be sent" and avoid sending an emty template-message.
    But somehow I coudn't manage to avoid sending the the empty template - it is allways sent once, bevore Mirth marks the data
    as "should not be sent".

    Do you know how to avoid sending this template-message?

    I tried to manage this with filter but the things get worse - Mirth doesn't get an ACK and it retransmits the message many more times.

    Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post