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    Hello all,

    I installed many channels on a working Mirth server that have very similar names and now the Dashboard of Mirth is full of working channels.Is there a way to group the channels, so that I can see a group of channels when I use one "perspective" and another group of channels when I use another "pesrpective"?

    For example when I am working on the group of receiving channels I don't want to see in the Dashboard the channels from the Group "sending channels" to confuse me."Disable channel-> Deploy all" doesnt do the job because I'm in productive enviroment and all channels should work simultaneously.

    I tried solving the Problem adding new users, but in Mirth all users see the same channels on the Dashboard.

    Does anyone have any idea for a solution?

    Thank you very much!


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    Re:Grouping channels...

    The only thing I can think of that would work right now is to use a naming convention on the channels. In one of our production Mirth systems we use channel names like:
    [li]PROD LAB DrSmith[/li]
    [li]PROD LAB DrJones[/li]
    [li]PROD DEMOG DrSmith[/li]
    [li]TEST LAB DrFeelgood[/li]

    Its not perfect but it works.
    Jon Bartels

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