Mirth Connect 3.12.0 Released!

Mirth Connect 3.12.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page. This release includes database performance improvements, improves visual HL7 representation, message pruning, keystore handling, PDF generation, community contributions, and fixes several security vulnerabilities. This release also contains many improvements to commercial extensions. See the release notes for the list of fixes and updates.

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For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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[Mirth 1.7.1]Transformator XML to EDI

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  • [Mirth 1.7.1]Transformator XML to EDI


    I posted several earlier post regarding the transformation of an complete HL7-message. Thnx to the replies I now realized a channel which converst any given HL7-message complete to XML.

    The next and last stap that I want to realize is to create a channel which uses this XML-message as input and transform this to EDI.

    Therefore I created an transformator in the destination connector. I used a reference function for the XML->EDI transformation. Below is the Javascript code that I used

    SerializerFactory.getEDISerializer("'", "+", "*"«»).fromXML(msg.toXMLString());
    default xml namespace = new Namespace('urn:mirthproject-org:edi:«»xml');
    After running the channels, I noticed that the output gives an XML-file while I was expecting (and hoping) an EDI-file. When I look at the log for the channel I see that the the channel doesn't transform. The raw data is in XML, but the transformed data is also in XML (not EDI).

    Does somebody know what I am doing wrong here?

    Thnx in advance