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Converting complete message to XML

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  • Converting complete message to XML

    I started earlier a thread about some problems with the creation of my first channel. These problems are solved now after some handy tips.

    Now I encouter a new problem.

    My goal is to convert any incoming HL7-message to EDI-format. I think the best way to do this is to first convert the HL7-message to XML and then format the XML to EDI-format.

    My question is if it is possible to completely convert message to XML. This must be possible for any HL7 message so it is not possible to map the message up front using the incoming message template.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Thnx in advance!

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    Re:Converting complete message to XML

    Mirth already converts hl7 to xml internally. Use the transformed data if you have a transformer and that should be XML. You could also simply change the outbound protocol of the source transformer to XML, and then in the destination transformer go from XML to EDI. Good luck!
    Jacob Brauer
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      Re:Converting complete message to XML

      Thnx for your help!

      There is one last thing what I would like to know...

      Is there a possibilty to transform the whole message in one time? Because I don't know what kind of HL7-message comes in I don't think I can use the message template to select which fields have to be converted.


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        Re:Converting complete message to XML

        Yes it happens automatically for any well-formed HL7 message.

        Heres how you can see it in action:

        1. Create a new channel
        2. Set up a source that will recieve HL7 data (like an LLP listener)
        3. Create a destination that is a channel writer/sender and set the destination channel to "None"

        Now start the channel and fire some HL7 messages at it. Look in the log for that channel and select the "transformed message" . There is your XML.
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