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Failure to see log files in Mirth Administrator

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  • Failure to see log files in Mirth Administrator

    I am currently unable to see any system events inside of the Mirth Administrator. I originally thought this corresponded to an error in logging, however events are being logged in ./logs/mirth.log and ./logs/wrapper.log. Where in my configuration could this error be occuring? I am currently running Mirth using a Linux init script under CentOS 4.

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    Re: Failure to see log files in Mirth Administrator

    I'll double check later today, but the logs inside Mirth are only for high-level logging, telling an admin what happened to a message or the general status of a message. The mirth.log and wrapper.log and for lower level errors, such as exceptions and faults thrown by the application. So you only see system events in those logs and only high-level events inside Mirth.

    I could be wrong though, I'll check my installation later today and see what it does.
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