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Authentication Type: Custom Java Class

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  • Authentication Type: Custom Java Class

    Does anyone have any examples of using a Web Service Listener source connector
    HTTP Authentication
    Authentication Type: Custom Java Class

    Specifically: X509Certificate

    X509 is not a built in option so I assume I need a working java Class.


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    I found this but I don't get how to make it work in Mirth Connect.
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      I figured a lot of it out...

      You need to include/reference httpauth-server.jar from mirth and

      in your java class you have to extend Authenticator and override authenticate...

      extends Authenticator {

      public AuthenticationResult authenticate(RequestInfo ri) throws Exception {

      ...and move the code from main into the authenticate method from the example.


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        No I am wondering if this code that was originally in the main method of the link and now inside the authenticate() method in mirth - java.jar.

        Should I be creating a KeyStore file in here?
        Should I be passing in a Base64 Certificate (String) to the authenticate method?

        Is this code generating a WSDL?

        Can mirth still generate a WSDL with authentication info?


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          I figured out how to utilize the*authentication**method* but I added more questions about what we do in that code scope. I had to temporarily give up on mirth doing the SOAP1.2 X509Certificate Authentication and are using Oracle Corporate tools to do this now*and then it forwards to a normal Mirth Connect HttpListener (REST) Web Service.* Basically using 2 ESB's now instead of just one(mirth connect)*because I could not get it to work in Mirth connect in a short period of time.* *I hope to get back to resolving this in the mirth connect tool soon.**And I will try to ask more exact specific questions that NextGen Mirth Connect employees may be able to answer along with more internet searching.
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            How do I get the soap message inside the authenticate method?

            Is it something like this...

            byte[] soap_message = ri.getEntityProvider().getEntity(); // ????

            or something like this....

            Map<String, Object> extraMap=ri.getExtraProperties();
            String base64_X509Certificate =extraMap.get("BASE64_X509CERTIFICATE").toString() ;
            byte[] certificateX509 = Base64.decodeBase64(base64_X509Certificate);
            String soapMessage = extraMap.get("SOAP_MESSAGE").toString(); // ????