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logging in to mirth connect administrator

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  • logging in to mirth connect administrator

    Hi, I can log in to the web dashboard and see statistics but can't login to the administrator.

    Shouldn't the username/password work on both?

    attached is the view of the error am receiving, it looks like there might be something not running on the server to allow this to proceed.

    thank you
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    Might be a firewall or antivirus blocking your connection?


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      thank you but no the firewall is turned off and there's no antivirus running on the linux server


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        Do you have the right port specified? Can't tell with it blocked out.

        Do your server logs indicate something didn't start correctly?


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          hi, thanks it's 8443 and it's fed from the "Launch Mirth Connect Administrator". It's like there isn't a listener there even though the mcservice is running fine. Is there another service that should be running in the background for this login?

          I checked the apache logs but nothing there. Are there others that are relevant?


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            Enable the Java console and check what kind of exception is logged. I assume that there might be a TLS handshake issue.


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              ok but it's a server only setup, no desktop environment, is the java console something that needs gui or is there a command line option?

              edit: looks like i need to install jdk

              only the mcservice is running, is there another service that needs to be running?
              -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 16200 Apr 18 2017 mcservice

              like one of these:
              -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12973 Apr 18 2017 mcserver
              -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12963 Apr 18 2017 mcmanager
              -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12967 Apr 18 2017 mccommand
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                Originally posted by cmswest View Post
                ok but it's a server only setup, no desktop environment
                You have to enable it for the environment at which you are running the Mirth Administrator.

                Check here for info about how to enable it on Linux.


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                  am running openjdk not oracle java


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                    Originally posted by cmswest View Post
                    am running openjdk not oracle java
                    I guess you're using the reference implementation of Oracle? This should not differ from "Oracle java" in terms of JConsole.


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                      This is a very confusing thread to follow.

                      What version of Mirth is the server running?
                      What version of Java is the server running?

                      What is the OS of the machine where you are running the Administrator?
                      Are you launching it from the jnlp file served by the server (it sounds like, yes) or using the Administrator Launcher?
                      If not using the Administrator Launcher, what java version is installed on the client?

                      Odo is asking you to enable the java console on the client side to see what error is causing the message in your screenshot.

                      There are no other services that need to be running besides mcservice. Mirth doesn't use apache. It uses an integrated Jetty server.

                      Any server side errors would show up in the mirth.log file in the logs directory of your mirth install (unless it was changed from the default location.) I'm not sure if client authentication errors of this kind would typically show up in those logs or not.

                      If you aren't using the Administrator Launcher, you may want to try that before you spend a lot of time troubleshooting. It's a separate download and install for the client machine. It comes with a bundled Oracle Java 8 that works with most mirth versions instead of using your system default java.


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                        thanks, except unable to find ControlPanel script or executable anywhere on the system.

                        just saw next post on 2nd page, sorry but this forum is a little tricky to navigate

                        am able to login to dashboard
                        Screenshot from 2020-03-23 11-09-58.png

                        not able to login to mirth connect admin that iced tea webstart opens and displays previously posted image of login gui

                        Screenshot from 2020-03-23 11-09-49.png
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                          hi, thank you for explaining that it was the java client. Was able to login with a client running oracle Java 8. I should probably find out why icedtea web isn't able to load it for freedom lovers.


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                            You're likely missing javafx libraries. They were included with the oracle jre, but not openjdk. They're open now and available separately. Not sure what other problems you may still have if you remedy that. Mirth never really supported openjdk on the client side, and the admin launcher (not open) was released before openjdk support was announced on the server side. Maybe try Amazon Corretto? I've heard good things. I think it may bundle javafx and other potential missing libraries for you.

                            If you are running the client on Linux, the main font used by Mirth is Tahoma, which isn't free. My laptop used to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu, and I copied the file from the Windows side to the Linux side. Without the right font, a lot of text gets cut off and many GUI elements aren't resizable.

                            You don't have to worry about it on a Mac, as Apple licenses the font from Microsoft. There is supposedly a Tahoma replacement in the Wine project, but I've never tried it before.

                            I've also never used this before, but you may want to give it a try if you're trying to stay all open source.


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                              thank you for all of the additional information, will continue trying to get it to run on linux with openjdk or corretto

                              interesting tidbits on the tahoma font too and thanks for the link to openwebstart