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Question regarding ADT-A06 messages

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  • Question regarding ADT-A06 messages

    I am working with A06 messages and I noticed when a patient is admitted to an inpatient status, the initial admission/arrival time noted in the system no longer appears within the message. I have looked at the PV1.44.1 and it updates when a patient's status is changed from outpatient to inpatient so I am wondering if there is way to look at the previous ADT-A01 message that was generated on that patient and perform calculations. Is this even a possibility or does anyone have any ideas of how this can be accomplished?

    What I need to capture is the initial admission date from the ED or surgery as an outpatient but I lose that ability within the A06 once the patient becomes an inpatient. I need to be able to utilize the A06 message though because that is the trigger I am using for our Social Services as notification of the status change. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's bit sketchy, but I believe the visit number remains the same for you to reconcile, that's PV1.19, and patient location changes with prior location in PV1.6 and new one in PV1.3.
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