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Channel display not updating / showing

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  • Channel display not updating / showing

    We have a Mirth server with a MySQL database.
    There are 19 very simple channels running on it.
    We connect to the server with RDP and start the Mirth Administrator on the server itself.

    After logging in with Mirth Administrator everything works fine except the Channel display. The view updates very slowly or not at all.
    When I right-click on a position a channel should be and move my mouse cursor down the context menu starts to show.

    Is there a way to get Mirth working properly again?
    Upgrading the Mirth version is not possible at this moment.

    Things I have tried:
    * Restarting Mirth service
    * Clearing Java cache
    * Increasing memory of Mirth server
    * Removing last installed channel
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