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Environment-Specific Alert SMTP Settings

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  • Environment-Specific Alert SMTP Settings

    I'm already using a deploy script to import a channel-specific value (HTTP endpoint) from the system environment.

    I'm wondering if there's any way to do something similar with the SMTP settings used by Alerts. Configuration maps are also mentioned as a way to customize aspects of environments, but not in this context.

    Are there any other ways to configure the SMTP server? Even entries would be fine since I already inject environment variables into that file.

    P.S. My antivirus is going nuts on this website now. Something about connections to using an expired certificate.

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    You can use the Client REST API endpoint /server/settings to GET or PUT the values.

    I recommend doing a GET first to see what your PUT should look like. The PUT documentation shows JSON in the body, but it actually expects XML in the same format as returned by the GET operation.

    Also, use instead of for the forums.