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  • Connection pooling

    Right now whenever I need to make a database call in javascript transformer I use the DatabaseConnectionFactory.createConnection method to obtain a connection. It works great but it is not the optimal way. I would like to use a connection pool.

    This is now the deploy script of a channel which get connections from database in its javascript code

    // __________________________________________________________________________________________
    var hikariConfig = new;
    hikariConfig.setJdbcUrl(' **** ');
    hikariConfig.setDriverClassName(' **** ');
    	// this is just configuration stuff. Do not pay much attention to the values as they are not production used, just for testing
    hikariConfig.setIdleTimeout( );
    var hikariDataSource = new;
    $gc('ds', hikariDataSource);
    // __________________________________________________________________________________________
    And the undeploy

    // __________________________________________________________________________________________
    // __________________________________________________________________________________________

    Whenever in the javascript code from the channel, the connections are now retrieved like this
    conection = $gc('ds').getConnection(); // with pool
    Instead of the previus way
    conection = DatabaseConnectionFactory.createConnection(..., ..., ..., ...);   // without pool
    The channel does not work in parallel. Now it can process the same amount of messages in 30% of the time, which is just great.

    As this is per channel, if a undeploy a channel, the connections are drop off. If I deploy it again, the connections are created. But this configuration per channel. However I would like to achieve this not per channel but globally, at somehow mirth instance level.

    So I am thinking about moving the code from before to the global script scripts. But there are some things which I am worried about.
    • If a undeploy a single channel the code in the rest of the channels will fail, as all the connections are now closed.
    • If a deploy a single channel, the connections are all closed first and then recreated. In the meantime, another channel may try to acquire a connection and fail.

    I can omit the undeploy part, and control in the deploy if there is a pool already created. But in that case the pool is created at the first deploy of the start of the Mirth instance and there is no way to refresh or change it while the service is running. But I think this last part is impossible to achieve anyway.
    • Is there a place in Mirth where I can deploy this better than the global scripts.
    • Any advice on how to correctly code this ?

    * Is there a place in Mirth where I can deploy this better than the global scripts.
    * Any advice on how to correctly code this ?

    Thank you very much in advance.