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  • HL7 to ASTM need

    happy new year !
    I'm a mirth connect free verision user since few. And i have a challange I can't solve today. I need to convert HL7 OUL-R22 into ASTM for only ASTM compatible LIS. I heard a commercial version of Mirth (NextGen® Connect Integration Engine) offers ASTM channel support.
    I need just to convert analytical results sent by device results back to LIS matching ASTM low level(ETX/STX/Check sum...) as well as high level
    How hard it would be to go from HL7 to ASTM in terms of development ?

    What are the pricing for the commercial version ASTM compatible ?

    Thanks for feedback !


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    hi it looks to be a very heavy question ? 55 sees it but no answer . Is it so hard ?


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      Originally posted by guiguidusud View Post
      hi it looks to be a very heavy question ? 55 sees it but no answer . Is it so hard ?
      You mean even harder than using the search function? ;-)

      For commercial information you'll have to contact sales


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        Hi thank youuu I will follow up thanks !


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          I need that connector to and the only I made it it was a custom Jar that I create Java Class and consume the Jar via Mirth.

          And it works very well
          Best Regards,
          Alex Neiva


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            Yeah, standalone java applications are the way to go if your company doesn't want to spend huge sum of money on buying mirth platinum.

            But, here's the catch - you cannot develop it offline and use it. You have to have the Analyser/machine connected and transmitting ASTM messages. Even though every machine uses ASTM, each machine behaves differently in terms of checksum, handshake process, connection type - TCP/IP or RS232. There are a lot of variables.
            So the development is sort of real time.
            HL7v2.7 Certified Control Specialist!