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Forwarding XML to HTTP Server

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  • Forwarding XML to HTTP Server

    Hi all,

    I am sending a HL7 v2.4 Message to the Mirth Server, which seems to be working fine. As a Destination I have configured a HTTP Server, written in Node.JS Express.

    When sending the HL7 message to Mirth, the following is found in the field RAW under Destination1.

    HTML Code:

    However, the response that is being sent, is empty:





    Ideally I want to just forward that XML to my Server. Is that possible, or do I HAVE to do a mapping?


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    It's not really clear what you are trying to do from your description. Can you export and share your channel?

    Are you sending that XML to the channel or are you sending an hl7 message that mirth is converting to XML?

    What do you have in your destination template? ${message.encodedData} is the most common thing to use. This is your message after the destination transformer is applied. If there are no steps in your destination transformer or changes in data types, the encoded content will be the same as the destination raw content.

    I'm not sure where the response factors into this. If your mirth destination is sending to an http server, the response is what the http server sends back.


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      Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your answer! That clarified everything and I got it to work now!