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Multiple SFTP Readers/Writers to same destination

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  • Multiple SFTP Readers/Writers to same destination

    We have an SFTP writer channel and multiple SFTP reader channels writing and reading from the same SFTP server (but different folders).
    Will they all share/reuse the same SFTP connection or should we stagger the write/read times so they don't fall on the same time?
    I know the FileWriter has now the "Keep connection Open" property, but our concern is that the readers causing conflicts polling at the same time?
    Any experiences/best practices appreciated.

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    Are you using the same credentials? If so, do you need to have multiple readers?

    Could you use one reader and then use the folder path to determine what action to perform.

    I have a scenario where are hit the same SFTP server but have different credentials. In my case, I stagger the reads using CRON on the source.


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      sftp readers/writers establish their own connections and don't share.

      An alternative to force the sharing of the connection could be to mount the sftp server and treat it as a local file.