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Silent Install JRE issue

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  • Silent Install JRE issue

    Is there a way to set JRE options for a silent install? When doing a silent install for version 3.8.0.b2464 on a Windows Server 2012R2 (with 50Gb of RAM) from a PowerShell script, I get the following errors:

    The JVM could not be started. The maximum heap size (-Xmx) might be too large or an antivirus or firewall tool could block the execution.

    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Unable to allocate 409600KB bitmaps for parallel garbage collection for the requested 13107200KB heap.

    I was using the open JDK (v12.0.1.12) and I even tried uninstalling that JRE in to use the built in Install4j version, but I get the same error either way.

    The command line I am using is simply Start-Process $MirthExecutablePath -ArgumentList "$MirthArguments" -RedirectStandardOutput $stdOutLog -RedirectStandardError $stdErrLog -Wait

    Where the Arguments list is:
    $MirthArguments = "-q -varfile `"<path_to_varfile>`""

    I tried setting a system environment variable for JAVA_OPTIONS -Xmx2048m but no luck

    Thanks in advance for any advice