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x00-x7f Mirth Choke

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  • x00-x7f Mirth Choke

    I noticed that Mirth MLLP port channels choke when there is a
    Non-English Special Characters that are not in the Standard ASCII Table

    It doesn't do any good to put code to strip out the special characters, in the pre-processor, because mirth chokes at some place before the pre-processor is run.

    Do the mirth programmers know anything about this yet?
    Is there a setting that will fix this? Maybe changing the Encoding value?
    (I tried a few and they didn't fix it.)

    Mirth Connect Server 3.8.0
    Built on May 22, 2019
    Java version: 1.8.0_181

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    Try having the input at raw. Strip out the special characters. Then convert back to HL7.


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      It likely does have to do with the character encoding. It should match at both ends.

      You probably have yours set to UTF-8 (also the linux default) if it's choking on anything higher than 0x7f.

      The Windows default in the US is windows-1252 if you want to give that one a shot. It should at least process it, but you might end up with the wrong characters if that's not the right encoding.


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        I still think this is something the tool should take care of. Or at least create an error that says... "Encoding mismatch" or "Unreadable Character found", not just choke!