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  • SQL Server 2019

    For compatability reasons I am trying to run Mirth 3.2.1 on Windows server with SQL Server 2019. The intention is to move a Mirth set up from an old server to a new one. I cannot create/connect to a SQL database for Mirth itself.
    I have tried ceating a new mirthdb and also a copy of the old mirthdb restored into SQL server 2019

    I am using the same database setup as in the old server:
    jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://locahost:1433/mirthdb;create=true and the same username and password. I have created the required user in SQL server. The file mirth.log indicates that the user login failed.

    Have I run into a compatability issue with the jdbc driver and SQL server 2019?

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    It might be that the default jtds JDBC driver is not compatible with SQL Server 2019. Try using the official latest Microsoft JDBC driver (
    We're using SQL Server 2017, but had to use the MSFT driver to support Active Directory authentication.
    You'll need to adjust the connection string format and specify the driver in

    database.driver =