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Question about ack-variable

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  • Question about ack-variable

    Hello all,

    when I set "Send ACK" to "Yes" on the LLP-Listener-Connector Mirth generates a default ACK-message.
    I want to ask if there is a way to modify this default ACK-Message before it reaches Mirth's communication partner(for example in the postprocessor script). For the incoming messages exists the "message"-variable in order to do this. Is there such variable for the ACK-messages?

    Thanks a lot for any hint!



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    I realized I'm responding to a ~4 year old post, but did you ever find an answer to this? I have the same need - I'd just like to let Mirth build the ACK with their default logic and then tweak it a bit before it goes out.


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      Under send ACK.

      There are setting for Successful, Error and Reject. Next to that is Error Code then the message.


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        Thanks - what I need to do however is copy over MSA-2 (original message control ID) to MSH-10 (ACK message control ID). The sending system (Meditech) is telling me that they require the ACK to have the same control ID as the message they sent out.

        I know how to build a completely custom ACK from scratch but would prefer to just tweak the standard Mirth ACK so that I don't have to try to replicate the accept/reject/error logic.