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Limitations of Groups - What are their purpose?

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  • Limitations of Groups - What are their purpose?

    I've been experimenting with connection pooling with HikaiCP and while running tests, I'm noticing that the Global Maps under the Dashboard are not clearing. They're not clearing when I have one channel enabled and do a 'Deploy Channel' even with the option selected for 'Clear global channel map on deploy.'

    The only way I can get the Global Map to reset is on a 'Redeploy All'. So I figured I'd create a new group for specific channels and be able to just redeploy that group - nope, when I hit Redeploy All it redeploys every enabled channel.

    That's not very convenient and maybe the group functionality is still being expanded on. But how are other people using Groups/purpose, and is there any expanded functionality with groups in the backlog?

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    You just use "Deploy Channel" on the group to deploy all channels in that group. "Redeploy All" will always redeploy all.

    The tooltip for "Clear global map on redeploy" does kind of clarify that it's only when you redeploy all channels (it would likely cause a lot of issues if it cleared when you redeployed any channel.)


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      I didn't realize you could do that on the group level. Nice to know!

      But the clear global map on deploy tooltip specifies... "on a single channel deploy and a full redeploy." But it is only working on a full redeploy.


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        For an individual channel, you can choose whether its globalChannelMap is cleared on a redeploy of that channel, whether deployed selectively or as part of a Redeploy All.

        The globalMap that is shared across all channels can only optionally be cleared on a Redeploy All, and that is set in Settings on the Server tab.


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          Awesome, thanks for the clarification!