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Failover Cluster Monitoring via Channel

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  • Failover Cluster Monitoring via Channel

    Mirth Version: v3.4.2.8129
    Mirth is application based vs appliance based
    Clustered Mirth Environments: 3
    Total Mirth Connect Servers (not incl Dev/Stage/QA): 103
    Organization: Envision Physician Services

    Hello Mirth Support/Community,

    We are looking for method to monitor and alert the Failover Clustering Status for a 2 node Cluster.

    What we like to do is set the channel states to paused when the node is inactive. We are seeing that channels are started and because we have error/queue threshold alerts setup, we are getting false positive alerts from inactive nodes when an up/down server event occurs. However, if pausing a channel on an inactive node also pauses the channel on the active node then we'll need to approach differently. If that is true (we'll next test this on a dev cluster group) then what we'd like to do a pause/stop alerts on channels on an inactive node cluster.

    I wanted to use a combination of the Clustering Advanced API's along with the Channel Status Operation API's and/or Alert API's to effectively handle this. As the base functionality is stable I could then enhance further.

    I am looking through the Mirth Community for similar users with the same business need but have been unsuccessful so far and wanted to ask support for some general guidance, code snippet(s) or if this need has been documented (and even a sample channel) somewhere else on the forum.

    Any help or discussion is well received and appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Ray Walker

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    Not on 3.4, rather 3.8. Pausing a channel on node A does pause the same channel on node B. I'd expect only a single node in the cluster to send an alert since they share the same alert config. I'm not sure I understand the false positive. Are you saying that server A is up and polling, server B and C are possibly listening but not polling and on server B downing some server is sending alerts?
    Mirth 3.8.0 / PostgreSQL 11 / Ubuntu 18.04
    Diridium Technologies, Inc.