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How to get request params

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  • How to get request params


    I have a transformer set on the source of a channel (the source is a http listener) and I need to get the params from the incoming request and use them in the transformer (a javascript transformer) to set some channel map values.

    How can I do that?
    I know that I have access to a the incoming message using messageObject.getRawData(), but is there an elegant way to get the params from the request?


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    Re:How to get request params

    The best way I've found to get access to the data is to set up your listener and have a channel writer destination sending to None. Save and deploy the channel.

    Fire a few messages at that channel then stop it and look in the message log. Copy the encoded message data from there into the "incoming message field" in the destinations "templates" tab.

    You should now be able to just drag and drop info from that.
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      Re:How to get request params

      Yes, it works fine.
      Thanks a lot for your fast answer.